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Food And Dining in Scranton

Three incredible Scranton restaurants that will bring out your inner foodie

Scranton’s culinary scene has exploded thanks to renewed interest in fresh ingredients and a desire to try new things enters the city’s zeitgeist. From tasty exotic treats from around the world to reinventions of timeless American classics, Scranton’s invigorated world of bars and restaurants is redefining what it means to eat out and Scrantonians are becoming sophisticated

With such a wide variety of culinary goodness to choose from, deciding where to eat can be a huge challenge, even for the most adventurous. That said, there are a few must-go places that should turn you into a foodie.

Savory Maza

The world really is flat. It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of a Lebanese restaurant in Scranton would have seemed crazy. But not only has this restaurant survived, it’s become one of the hottest destinations for visitors and Scrantonians alike. Yes, it serves all the mainstays — Baba Ghanouj, Baklawa and Shawarma to name a few — but the menu is far from a rehash. There’s adventurous selections there too. Fancy some escargots? How about Kibee balls — meat stuffed with pine nuts and infused with pomegranate syrup? The more you peruse the menu, the more surprising — and appetizing — it is. Find Savory Maza at 200 N. Main St. in Scranton.

Ipanema Grill

With the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, Brazil has taken center stage and what better way to celebrate than to indulge in some Brazilian bar-b-que? If you’ve never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before, you’re in for a treat. Using age-old methods to cook hunks of picanha, filet mignon and bacon-wrapped filets to delectable perfection, the Brazilians know what they’re doing. Oh, and it’s all you can eat. Gauchos patrol the dining room and watch for your sign that you’re ready for more. If you are, it’s cut fresh at your table. Sink your teeth into some steak at Ipanema Grill at 1911 N. Main St. in Scranton.

Eden Café

If you’re done with meat or craving a light meal that’s flavorful, Eden Cafe is where you’ll want to end up. Offering up a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan treats that will defy your expectation is their specialty. Don’t believe it? Check Eden Cafe out at 344 Adams Ave.