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Freeland Village

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(570) 636-2141
6 Freeland Vlg Apt 1
Freeland, PA 18224-1111
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(570) 636-2141

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Yes Moshe is a slumlord and in no means am I advocating his methods. BUT if it weren't for the 90 percent of the residents, who don't even care about themselves and how they live. They don't even deserve to live there, they she be on the streets. There apartments are always dirty, and they talk how much they care about they're children, yet they let they're 2 and 3 year olds run around the parking lot at all times with no supervision. It's so bad there because of the tenants that people in town call it the zoo, and that has nothing to do with the operation there, it's that they act like freakin animals. The landlord put up a playground and it was destroyed in one week, people throw trash on the ground because thats apparently the way they live, I guess they want to make the outside to look like the way they keep they're apartments. So I actually don't blame him for not wanting to fix things because the animals break it anyway. Take some responsibility for yourselves. If you don't like it, move out, oh wait where else can you live for free and get a check from the electric company instead of having to pay like the rest of us in the world. BOO HOO

no name28

Mold problems are just the beginning. Freeland village has had several units deemed unsafe for human habitation on a number of occasions by Freeland officials. The most recent was when a tenant and her children(one of which has a disability) was given only 2 days to move her belongings from one apartment to another (contents of a 3 bedroom unit) after having issues with mold, raw sewage and water leaking. The latest is management is having a private contractor install plastic tubing to serve as a water main into 95% of the units in the complex, plastic tubing that is being installed thru walls from one unit to the next, and is exposed across the entire inside of almost every unit! Property management knows of all the mold problems, leaks and various other code and safety related issues yet refuses constantly to work on any of it. This is not a place for a lab rat let alone children be raised even if its a temp. basis.

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(484) 898-0180

PO Box 243, Harleigh, PA 18225

""Good service, helpful and friendly agents! I'm very happy!" - Customer D.B."

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(570) 636-0680

517 Centre St, Freeland, PA 18224

0.1 Miles

(570) 636-0680

517 Centre St, Freeland, PA 18224