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Housing perks in Scranton, PA

The changing landscape in the county affects the housing market in interesting ways in Scranton, PA. As one example, dairy farms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. These are not big commercial operations, but family milk farms. With changes in the Farm Act and exports for dairy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for dairy farmers and others in the agricultural industry to make end meet.

One thing farmers are doing is keeping an acre or two of their farmland and then selling off the rest for subdivisions. This can be very attractive to city dwellers who want a more peaceful home life with the perk of more affordable land than what they can find in the city or closer to it. The downside for people used to the smells and sounds of the city may be that the smells and sounds of the country are very different.

Even if a farmer sells off acreage, his neighbors may still be farming. This activity can include smells such as manure and silage. The sounds can be from one or more types of animals and other sources:

  • For example, roosters crow at various hours, not just at daybreak. All other animals make noise as well, which can be disturbing to those not use to it.
  • Farm equipment (tractors, for example) being operated.
  • Some farmers are finding money in gas leases, which means neighboring farms may also have traffic, noise and production sounds of natural gas operations.

The good news for potential land and home buyers is the opportunity to buy farmland and subdivide it themselves or to build their dream home for a great price. A perk is that if mineral rights are included in the sale, a natural gas lease to bring in extra income or even a deal to get free natural gas to the home may be possible. This can make buying land in the country, even with the sounds and smells, something worth considering for even the most hard core 'city folk'.

Because you can usually buy farmland for less than city property, you can buy more of it. If you can buy enough of it you can subdivide it and sell it off for housing, perhaps saving a prime lot for yourself. This provides both income and a nice home in the countryside of Scranton to enjoy.